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Clipper Widgets Section Overview

The Clipper theme specific widgets are just one of the many things that make this premium theme a good option if you’re building a WordPress coupon site.  To be more specific, Clipper comes with a total of eight built in / custom widgets that are totally unique to the theme.  The 8 Clipper widgets are as follows; Clipper Coupon Categories, Clipper Popular Coupons, Clipper Share Coupon Button, Clipper Coupon Tag Cloud, Clipper Popular Stores, Clipper in Your Inbox, Clipper Facebook Like Box and Clipper Real-Time Twitter Feed.  Also, the Clipper widgets section is made up of nine different Sidebars which allows you to show completely different sets of widgets depending on which page / section of the site your users’ are on.  This type of widget flexibility is something that really makes this theme unique.  Almost all other themes that I’ve worked with give you the standard WordPress widgets and only a few different Sidebars at most.  Clipper is the only theme I know of that gives you 9 separate widget sidebar sections to work with.Clipper Widgets Setup

The 9 Clipper Widget Sidebar Sections

The 9 Clipper widget sidebar sections are as follows; Home Page Sidebar, Page Sidebar, Blog Sidebar, Coupon Sidebar, Store Sidebar, Submit Coupon Sidebar, Login Sidebar, User Sidebar and Footer Sidebar.  The main benefit of having nine separate widget sidebars is that it allows you to fully customize each section of your WordPress coupon website.  For example, you can make it so that your Home Page right sidebar widgets are completely different than the Blog Page sidebar widgets.  Or, you could set it up so that your Home Page and Store Page sidebars show the same widgets but your Submit Coupon Page sidebar shows completely different widgets.  The level of customization for the Clipper theme widgets is very high.

Real Life Example of Clipper Widgets Setup

Here’s a real-world example of how I take advantage of the flexibility that the Clipper widgets section offers. is a local coupon site that I built a few months ago.  It’s a Geo-targeted coupons site for the businesses and residents of the Wausau, Wisconsin area.  Anyway, I setup the widgets for so that the Home Page sidebar had the Share a Coupon widget, my Welcome message text box, email opt-in box, a How it Works video link text box, popular coupons, popular stores and my Facebook Like box widget.  I wanted to use more widgets on the Home Page sidebar because it’s a longer page than most of the other pages on the site.  In contrast, on my About Page I only use a total of 3 widgets which are Share a Coupon, Welcome Message text box widget, and How it Works text box widget.  The reason that I only used three widgets on my About Page is that the page is not nearly as long as my Home Page and I don’t want the right sidebar to go way down the page when the main page content is just a few paragraphs long.

Then, on the Share a Coupon page, I only used a total of 1 widget which was a simple How it Works text box widget.  I wanted to keep the Share a Coupon page as simple as possible.  The only widget on that page was an instructional widget because the point of the site is to get as many businesses posting coupons as possible. When they go to the Share a Coupon page, I don’t want site users to get distracted with a bunch of sidebar widgets.  Instead, I want them to stay on the Share a Coupon page and post their coupon.

So, my point is that you have a ton of flexibility / customization with the Clipper widgets.  When you build your WordPress coupon site using the Clipper theme, I recommend spending a good amount of time tweaking each of the nine widgets sections until you find the mix that works best for your site.  I hope that you find the video below helpful when you’re ready to setup your Clipper theme widgets section.

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