11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

Extend WooCommerce Functionality

Eleven Free Plugins that Extend WooCommerce Functionality We dug deep in this tutorial to find and expose the latest and greatest free extensions for WooCommerce.  Because we’re in the eleventh month of 2013 we’ve decided to highlight 11 amazingly free plugin extensions for WooCommerce that are sure to enhance your …

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Four FREE WooCommerce Extensions

Free WooCommerce Extensions

Free WooCommerce Extensions that are sure to Enhance your eCommerce Site As I’m writing this tutorial, the WooCommerce plugin has been downloaded a total of 1,471,547 times.  Just today (9/26/2013 at 2:00pm CST) it’s already been downloaded 3,981 times according to WordPress.org.  It’s no secret that WooCommerce has greatly increased …

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Overriding WooCommerce Template Files

WooCommerce Template Structure Tutorial

How to Override WooCommerce Template Files with a Child Theme Default WooCommerce template files contain the front-end markup of your eCommerce site.  Understanding how to properly modify and override template files will give you much more control over your website and allow you to achieve deeper levels of customization.  In …

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Customize Widget Display with the Dynamic Widgets Plugin

WordPress Dynamic Widgets

Control How and Where Widgets Display with the “Dynamic Widgets” Plugin The vast array of freely available plugins is big reason why the WordPress platform has millions of users worldwide.  With the right combination of essential plugins and widgets it’s possible to configure a WordPress site to suit any specific …

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WooCommerce Product Images

How to Edit Product Images

How to: Edit Product Images for an eCommerce Site, Change the Size of WooCommerce Cart Thumbnails and More Editing product images for an eCommerce site can be a frustrating task.  It can be especially annoying if you have a large product catalog with varying shapes and sizes.  In this tutorial, …

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How to Install WordPress on a Local Server

Install WordPress Locally

Create a Local Development WordPress Site using WAMP on your PC or MAMP on your Mac   Building a professional WordPress site that represents your business or personal brand takes time and hard work.  Many beginners start by publishing a live site and editing it as they go along.  That …

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