Stuck coming up with names? Using the Best Fantasy Name Generators to Start the Creative Process

Stuck on your story? You aren’t the only one. Writer’s block is an extremely common phenomenon for writers – and small, simple little details like the names of your characters can easily keep your story from moving forward when your brain keeps getting stuck on the same question instead of focusing on writing the story.

Fantasy name generators are a great way to get past this form of writer’s block when you don’t know what to name your character. There are many different types, and they can come up with any type of names from ones that are based in reality through to ones that are perfect for fantasy and completely made up.

Here’s how you can make use of fantasy name generators to start writing your story and get out of a fictional tight spot. 

Names Are Important – But Don’t Get Stuck

Names are pretty important things. We respond to them by default. Some of us hate our names, some of us prefer nicknames, some names have a rich history while other names were trendy during certain times (like “Layla” in the seventies). 

But this is no reason for you to trap your story or storyline just because you can’t think of the right name to use for your characters. And yet a lot of writers do.

If you don’t know where to take your story  or what to name your characters, using the best fantasy name generators can give you an “easy way out” where you can stop worrying too much about character names and move forward with the important parts of the plot.

The Best Fantasy Name Generators Are Random 

The best fantasy name generators out there are completely random. They either randomize letters or choose from a huge internal database that contains thousands of different names. This ensures that no two people are likely to get the same names in the same order, and makes doubly sure that you don’t get the same results over and over when you click on the button. 

Fantasy Name Generators Can Be Themed Too 

If you’re setting your story in a specific time, have a specific theme for your tale or you want your names to have a specific sound to them, there’s surely a fantasy name generator to suit your needs available on the internet. 

There are many fantasy name generators out there. Some are vampire-themed, others are specifically designed for fantasy names or Latin-sounding names or horror-themed names or alien-like names – or really whatever you need at that point in time. 

That’s part of why they’re so great for any writer to use. 

Fantasy Name Generators Aren’t Copyrighted

Unless the website states otherwise or pulls names out of a copyrighted database that already exists (like Star Trek name generators), most of the names that come out of fantasy name generators are random – and this means that they’re usually regular names that you are free to use in your story without worrying about getting sued.

Copyright can be a huge issue for self published authors: Fantasy name generators that work at random allow you to avoid worrying about accidentally inventing a name that might be in use. 

Just to be sure, use your search engine to look up the names the generator chose.

It Can Remain a Secret

One of the best things about using a random name generator for your fiction? The fact that none of your readers ever have to know that you did it – and it doesn’t matter to your story if any of your readers figured it out. (Would you feel different about the names in Harry Potter or Tolkien if you found out the writers had found it with a few clicks on the internet? No!)